South Asian Journal of Tourism & Heritage (SAJTH) invites academics and professionals in tourism, travel and Hospitality to send manuscripts for publication consideration in the next issue of the journal. The SAJTH next issue will cover all scientific, conceptual and applied disciplines related to tourism, travel, hospitality and leisure, including: economics, management, planning and development, ecology and environment marketing, human resources, sociology, psychology, geography, information and communication technologies, transportation, service quality, finance, food and beverage, and education.

Articles may focus on areas such as:

– Socio-cultural Impacts,

– National Heritage,

– Customer Reaction,

– Human Capital Needs,

– Ecotourism Prioritization;

– Environment and Ecology Impacts,

– Sociology of Tourism,

– Tourism Environment,

– Restaurant management,

– HRD in Tourism

Deadline of submission:
Final acceptance and Author notification of paper:
Publication of Issue –

Please submit an electronic version of the manuscript to: [email protected] and [email protected]